Car body and paint shop

Car body shop for repairs of cars and trucks

Our car body shop is focused mainly on repairing trucks in the entire range of activities needed in case of damage caused by car accident or another collision. We are able to align the vehicle frame, both in cold conditions and using the most recent induction heating, we can repair and align cabins and also replace individual parts.

For these works we are equipped with straightening systems of global manufacturer of these systems, the JOSAM company. These systems are operated by a team of professionals, which represents a guarantee of quality repair.

Besides the truck repairs we are working also on body repairs of passenger cars of all brands.

Car painting

Car painting is effectuated in a new modern box from LAGERMAX company, which has a size of 17,7m x 6m x4m, the varnishing material from renovated company SPIES HECKER is used by trained painters, who will take care of a quality appearance of any varnished surface.

But our bodywork shop and car paint shop can offer you even more, we are also a contracting partner of several insurance companies and we arrange (not only for those contracting) the complete communication and closing of insured event until the cover sheet is issued. We ensure all this for vehicles of all brands.

Car paint shop – orders

Radek Höfer
tel:+420 778 773 856

Provádíme lakování všech typů vozidel a jejich rámů kvalitními materiály značky SPIES HECKER jak pro nákladní, tak i pro osobní vozidla, včetně lakování nástaveb, v lakovacím boxu 18x5x5 metrů.