Construction activities

Main construction activities

construction of basic technical equipment for industrial buildings

comprehensive realization of paved areas, construction areas, construction sites and dumps

construction and reconstruction of public utility networks for industrial buildings and for municipalities

comprehensive realization of water mains, sewerages and gas pipelines, ecological constructions

construction and reconstruction of roads, pavements, paved traffic and industrial areas

comprehensive realization of roads, private roads, pavements, bicycle paths, car parks and paved industrial areas

earthworks and terrain adjustments

excavations, digging foundations, compaction, removing topsoil, backfilling, terrain adjustments and other works

demolition works

demolition of masonry and concrete constructions, including waste disposal

Truck transportation

transportation of loose materials, sands, aggregates, recycled materials, metallurgical materials, soil and other commodities

Technical equipment – machine park

The vehicles and machinery used by our company are serviced in our own professional truck service. Our mechanics are fully trained and have the required authorisations and certificates for working with individual machines and vehicles.

  • trucks with a container superstructure
  • wheeled excavator
  • mobile cranes
  • skid steer loader
  • tractor excavators
  • demolition hammers
  • trucks – flatbed with hydraulic arm


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