Truck servicing

Servicing of all types of trucks, specializing in MAN vehicles.
We provide all servicing of MAN vehicles, such as regular inspections and oil changes. The mechanics are trained by MAN company and they have many years of experience with vehicles of this brand. Our service is equipped with special tools designed for working on MAN vehicles and also with a spare parts warehouse.

  • regular service inspections
  • changes of oil, antifreeze liquids and complete lubrication service
  • vehicle repairs after traffic accidents
  • diagnostics of MAN vehicles
  • diagnostics of semitrailers using the WABCO system
  • measuring and adjustment of axle geometry and measuring of frame flatness using laser device from JOSAM company
  • adjustment of brakes and brake pressures on the roller brake tester MAHA IW 4 EUROSYSTEM
  • repairs of semitrailer equipment
  • common mechanical, electrical, locksmith and body repair works (including superstructures)
  • filling of air-conditioners


tel.: + 420 602 847 821

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