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While working in the field of transport, every day we meet the consequences of accidents, failures of technical equipment or human or just coincidence. Therefore we know very well the value of the little things, which can decide about safety or dangers, health and life. We transmit this to perception and knowledge of the value of health and we realize, that not everyone has the privilege to fully enjoy his life and to do, what he likes in his life and what satisfies him, as we do. And we are aware, that sometimes just one little thing, one split second is enough – and everything changes. Therefore we are partners of those people, who have not been so lucky.

We consider social responsibility to be the ethical duty of every good entrepreneur and company.

Why do we support Tango, the managers on wheelchairs?

  • Although on wheelchairs, they do not give up – we also do not step back from problems or complicated contracts.
  • They want to be the best– so do we

certificate „The others champions“

Why do we support Daruj hračku (“Donate the toy)” and why are we partners of this project?

  • we like to fulfil particular dreams
  • we do not want just to bring joy, but we want to help people to find employment and to start the life

ccertificate „Daruj hračku“

We are partners of a project that has been repeatedly appreciated by prestigious award “Cena-Ď” in the National Theatre.

certificate „Cena-Ď“